Engraved Brass "Marine Life" Brooch (With Enamel)

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Image of Engraved Brass "Marine Life" Brooch (With Enamel)

Inspired by the marine life that visits Devon & Cornwall's coastal waters, this brooch and it's packaging has been made from 100% recycled materials.

Each brooch is individually engraved with one of four marine life designs; loggerhead turtles, blue sharks, short-snouted seahorses or Atlantic dolphins. The piece is finished with a hand made clasp and a delicately applied thin layer of blue/green enamel.

PLEASE NOTE; Due to the use of recycled brass the backs of each brooch are completely different and no two pieces are the same. Some have text, shapes or textures on them, others are blank (its random).

Contact Luke Axworthy directly for more information.